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Murrysville Online averages over 10,000 page views per month! Advertise now on Murrysville Online for only $48/yr. We will place a link to your website into the proper category. This enables you to then place ads on this site. The PayPal button on the right will set you up for this service, or we can send you an invoice.

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Murrysville Business owners, we have two ways to drive customers to your business. First, sign up to have us develop a website just for you. Click on the Website Design link above to see how affordable it really is for you to have a presence on the World Wide Web. Already have a website? We will provide a quality link from Murrysville Online to your site.

Want to "do-it-yourself"? Visit our Web Hosting page at Westmoreland Communications. You will find the full range of domain name registration, web site hosting, and e-fax services you need for your business. Compare our plans and prices to any other hosting service. We are committed to supplying website design and hosting services at a cost that you cannot afford to pass up on, while delivering the quality that your company needs.

Online advertising should help complement your current traditional media advertising scheme. However, online advertising has some benefits that some do not recognize. Many people consider online advertising to be on-demand advertising. What is meant by this? Online advertising is considered on-demand because there is an immediate response to the advertisement. The advertisement is displayed, a user clicks on the ad, and the result is a visit to your company webpage which hopefully results in a sale for your business. This transaction is easily recorded and reported in server statistics. This is accomplished on the advertisers server as well as on the web server used by your company.


Traditionally, print media advertising has mainly been used to promote brand recognition. After all, there really is no way of tracking the success of a print advertising campaign unless the words mention our ad or say you read it here are used to convey this information. Alternatively, an expensive toll-free phone line could be used to track calls coming from different print media. The same holds true in television advertisement. This can be a very costly method of tracking success.


Brand recognition is the major advantage of traditional advertising. However, it has been shown that online advertising not only is very easy to track, but it also promotes brand recognition. Not only can you easily (and inexpensively for that matter) track the success of your online advertising campaign, but online advertising is very successful in increasing brand recognition and awareness. For small to mid-sized businesses, this is a double whammy for their advertising dollar!


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